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Mississippi Pot Roast Sandwich


3-3.5 lb chuck or round roast

2 packets dry ranch

2 packets au jus gravy mix

16 oz jar pepperoncini

1 stick butter

salt & pepper

Slices of provolone cheese

BBQ sauce (optional)


1) Place meat in crockpot.

2) Salt and pepper to your liking.

3) Sprinkle packets of ranch and au jus all over meat.

4) Dump entire jar of pepperoncini (including juice) all over meat.

5) Place stick of butter on top of the meat.

6) Cover and let cook on low for 8 hours or high for 6 hours. (Or until the meat is falling apart.)

This meat is fantastic with a side of mashed potatoes, corn and a nice, hot dinner roll... BUT... these sandwiches are out of this world.

For the sandwich:

1) Take your buns and toast them in a skillet with plenty of butter, inside of bun down first.

2) Once buns are nice and golden, flip them over to warm the other side.

3) While doing this, add two slices of provolone cheese to top bun so it gets nice and melty.

4) When it's just right, assemble your sandwich. Meat should fall apart nicely.

5) You can add bbq sauce if you like.

6) Enjoy with a side of fries!!

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